Maybe she could “tighten” the Roxy material and add

My friend has asked me to help get her life story published

A friend of mine replica louis vuitton handbags , a pampered society woman, has recently decided to write her memoirs. I’m not an editor, but I work in the business, and I could get it into the hands of someone who could publish it. The problem is, what she’s written is just replica louis vuitton handbags awful. She has no flair for language, and the snooty stories she tells of the easy ride she’s had are nauseating. (She has a whole chapter about her bichon fris, Roxy. Ugh.) Yet she keeps giving me chapters, and though I stopped reading them after the first two, I keep telling her they’re great. What else can I aaa replica designer handbags do? I’ve been so effusive in my praise that she’s pushing me to give it to my bosses. But I can’t do that, and now she’s starting to get pushy, and a little angry about how Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags I’m dragging my heels. How can I back her off without insulting her?

First, I want you, my loyal Friday readers, to know that before I issue any piece of advice in this column, I road test it by bouncing replica designer handbags it off a loose aggregation of wise and thoughtful 1:1 replica handbags individuals I have gathered around myself, whom I have come to refer to as. the Panel.

Not to be confused with Team Dave Eddie, which handles my business and legal affairs, cheap louis vuitton bags from china though there is some overlap (my wife Pam, for example cheap louis vuitton bags from china , sits as chairwoman of the former and does quite a bit of volunteer work for the latter).

Now, I always listen to what the Panel has to say and take it seriously. But the Panel and I do not always see eye to eye.

This was one of those cases.

Which is good for you, though, because it means I am able to offer you here, absolutely free of surcharge, two points of view on your dilemma.

Everyone on the Panel said basically the same thing: “Send the manuscript along, what’s the problem? Tell your bosses you’re not that crazy about it, but you’re doing it as a favour to a friend. Then they can do the dirty work of turning it down. Hey, they’re publishers after all: They’re used to it.”

One member of the Panel is actually a book editor, and even she said, in world weary tones: “Yeah, tell her to send it along. We get that kind of stuff all the time.”

I don’t agree, though. There’s enough dreck, enough dross, enough drivel floating around fake designer bags already. Why pass more along? The inboxes of publishers are already groaning with moronic manuscripts from vanity deluded graphomaniacs. Why add to the teetering stack?

(And if I had a buck for everyone who said, “Hey, you should write my life story,” I’d have . well, I guess about 30 bucks.)

It all just gums up the works, and adds to the sum of human misery. I hate things that are bad, especially bad art. I’m sick of everything being treated as if it were equal, and talent as if it were apportioned fairly. It’s not. Talent can strike three times in a city block, then not again for 1,000 miles. That’s just the way it is.

So far it seems like the only real damage you’ve done is to lie about how you “loved” your friend’s work and white lies such as this Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags are genteel sins, easily undone. Why compound it by jeopardizing your good name, mixing the personal and the professional, and adding to your bosses’ lists of woes and things to do?

Time to backpedal a bit. Do it gently. These things must always be done gently. Interlard (finally, I get to use my favourite word) your comments with praise and flattery. Say something like: “You know, I loved it , maybe because I know you and I’m so fond of you. But before it can become publishable, you have to do a lot more work on it, I feel. But stick with it, it shows a lot fake designer bags of promise!”

She might feel a little stung at first, replica louis vuitton bags but maybe that will prod her to higher ground. There is a God given antidote to lack of talent. It’s called hard work.

If she’s willing to put in the time, this thing might be good. If not, well that’s her problem. Absence of talent combined with unwillingness to work is a lethal combination. It’s called dilettantism, and it’s to be discouraged whenever its encountered.

Offer constructive suggestions. Maybe she could “tighten” the Roxy material and add something about how her family got so rich. They say behind every great fortune there’s a great crime, and even if that’s not true, there’s usually a good story. Encourage her to do a little research.

Who knows? Maybe she’ll wind up with something you can both be proud of and Roxy will be immortalized for generations of readers to come (of course, doggy immortality only lasts one seventh as long). In any case, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you helped make the world a more interesting and less drivel ridden place.

If it is a Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags huge hit, tell her I’ve got a sequel idea Tuesdays with Roxy: Terminally ill bichon fris barks out life wisdom from a little Louis Vuitton basket. Tearjerker. Heartwarming. You loved her in the first book, and now she’s at death’s doggy door.

In today’s climate of ultra popular books by, about and (it sometimes seems) for dogs, it’s got bestseller written all over it. Screams movie deal. Script writes itself. I can already see the poster: “Paws to reflect.”

And if she needs someone to handle the contracts and stuff, have her contact Team Dave Eddie. Maybe I can hook her up.

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